U.S. involved in South Korean epidemic?

North Korea had been under suspicion for having planted the bio weapons found in the northern part of South Korea. Now new sources reveal that it impossibly could have been the North Koreans, and suspicion is rising towards the United States.

By Dimitri Ivanovitj Ivano


North Korea is not capable of creating such a weapon.

All information was leading towards North Korea as the main suspect for the crime of having planted biochemical weapons close to the border between North- and South Korea. According to the professor in Foreign Studies at Moscow’s State University, Nurlan Rafik Akhmedov, North Korea does not have the facilities to produce this kind of biochemical weaponry.

“Thinking about the isolation North Korea have put themselves in, they do not have the medical and technological knowledge it takes to manufacture biochemical weapons like these. Nor do they have the necessary technology”, Akhmedov says.

And maybe there is something to it. To manufacture a weapon like this, it takes an expert team of highly educated medics, biochemists and physicists, combined with enormous funding, research and technology. All something near impossible for North Korea to obtain, especially with the high amount of international sanctions currently raised against them.


Leaked information leads United States under suspicion

Now new information leads the suspicion towards the United States. Leaked information from an anonymous source in the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows that the United States has suspended all air traffic since Friday morning, which was only two days before the first report of the disease linked to the weapon.

Akhmedov says: “It is quite a coincidence, don’t you think? Think about it. The United States plants biochemical weapons near the border, but in South Korea, which leads everyone to think North Korea is behind the atrocity. Soon the disease will be spread across the border to North Korea and catch thousands of North Korean citizens, whom are long-time enemies of the United States.”

It is possible that, after all these years of white noise between the two counties, the United States finally see a way to fight North Korea? Even if through such a vile and backhanded matter?

The American Government has not refused the fact that they suspended all air traffic, but has not yet chosen to comment further on their part in the epidemic. To be fairly honest, it does not look good for the United States.

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