Australian emissary found in Norway

Breaking: Australian emissary found in Norway

Earlier an Australian emissary went to Israel in order to soften the relationship between the two countries. After 48 hours it became evident to the Australian government that he had in fact disappeared after a visit to the Cabinet of Israel.

By: Signe Bernstein, Victoria Schlüter and Kamilla Norré


The Australian emissary has recently been discovered in the city of Tromsø, which is located on a small island in the northern region of Norway. The Australian emissary was able to contact the Norwegian government through a hidden fixed line phone in the abandoned cabin, which he was held captive in. The appearance of the Australian emissary in Norway is still an unsolved mystery, but many speculations surrounding the matter have occurred. His conditions are unknown which might mean that he was one of the injured participants in the brutal fight in front of a nightclub in Jerusalem, Israel. Since his condition is still unclear and the Israeli government is still withholding information, reporters are swarming outside of the Cabinet of Israel – why would they do such a thing as withholding information?

Sources have said they have seen the Australian emissary in Russia, where he was forced into a car. Supposedly he was looking anxious as he was stepping into the Russian car. Interpol has confirmed through the discovery of security footage, that this certainly was the Australian emissary.

Allegedly the Australian emissary is in the knowledge of what happened to the refugee from DPRK. Even though Interpol doubts that the refugee from DPRK is still alive, the Australian emissary might be in possession of groundbreaking news.

The Russian involvement might have something to do with the fact that the South Korean delegate has told the press team that there has been a secret meeting between the DPRK and Russia.

This might mean that a secret agreement has been made between the DPRK and Russia. This agreement could be the reason why Russia suddenly is involved in the disappearance of the Australian emissary. If this is the fact the other personas in the fight could have been undercover Russian officials – but this might just be speculations.

Whether Norway is cooperating with Russia or if Russia in secrecy has exploited Norway in order to hide the Australian emissary is still to be discovered. Interpol urges everyone with information on this matter to speak up.

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