An acknowledged emissary from Australia has not been seen since he entered the Cabinet of Israel in Jerusalem 48 hours ago.

By: Elias Søgaard Godballe Schmidt


Israel is facing an exacerbated international spotlight when the presence of the Israeli intelligence agency in Australia was revealed. Meanwhile an Australian emissary in Israel have not had any contact with the Australian Government in at least 48 hours which is an conspicuous amount of time. Australian prosecutors have already begun the investigation of the disappearance, but for now, the Australian authorities will not state anything about the case at hand. Is it just a coincidence or is this situation a second version of the death of the Saudi Arabian commentator Jamal Khashoggi?

To send an emissary to Israel was a great extent an attempt to calm down the tumult which the two nations have been exposed to recently. The current Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, expresses that if you have any important information or any reasonable suspicion, please contact the police immediately.

Israel has energetically rejected any participation in the disappearance and calling any claims against the Israeli government “false” and “anti-Semitic”. A source tells that the emissary left the Cabinet shortly after his visit. Disturbingly, they did not publish any footage, voice recording or other evidence to back up their claim.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions in the investigation of the disappearing emissary, but there may be some rational explanations to the mystery. Israeli authorities keep underlining that he left the Government alive and disappeared mysteriously when he had to walk from the exit to the place where his driver was parked. Unluckily, the surveillance system did not record anything on that specific day. Another source addresses that the emissary could have been involved in a brutal fight the day before in front of a night club in Jerusalem. Eyewitnesses express that he had been insulting the Jewish people in the night life and have shouted disrespectful remarks about the Jewish ideals and values. As said before, it is not a hundred percent confirmed yet that he has participated in the violent fight. The police can confirm for sure, that two people were killed and five were injured. One of the killed was a citizen of the State of Israel, but the other one seemed to have a European appearance, but their identity is not verified yet.

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