When two of our sneakiest press members stole as many gossip boxes as they could this afternoon, a few golden ones came up. It is an honor to present the juiciest of today’s gossip, enjoy beloved delegates…


1st Committee:

Shout out to the staff of 1st! According to the gossip both China and France have a soft spot for certain staff members… Even though they score the lowest in the kissing game, true love comes first…


2nd Committee

A little bird told us someone in the 2nd committee is ready for Christmas, especially a delegate who wants to sing, with all caps, “ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS USA”. But USA is not the only sweet present underneath the tree… a delegate is questioning whether the chair is smoking weed or not.


4th Committee:

The Deputy Chair of 4th is, apparently, really interested in the main chair’s boobs, should we believe their gossip box… But the main chair apparently has “history” with a certain Russian delegate, so love triangle, anyone? DRAMA!!!


Commission of Science and Technology for Development

According to multiple notes, the Russian delegate really got it going for themselves… Also, rumor has it that China and Japan’s alliance is growing all sorts of cozy recently <333


Commission of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Valentine’s day is in fact first in February, but the angels of love could not resist to launch their arrows towards India. India tried the best India possible could, but unfortunately, the staff was aware of the month of love is not now. Good luck next time, lots of love – Press


Exclusive gossip:

Of course, we are not going to rat ourselves out here at press, but we might as well spill some hot boiling tea about media!! The tea has brewed… so a little lucky media girl might or might not have scored 150 points last night from the SG himself! Additionally, an unlucky media boy had to pay 100 DKK for 10 shots. Even though his attitude was ready, his body couldn’t keep up, and he puked and left 9 shots behind for the press team to enjoy. Thank you and cheers!


We cannot wait to see what will happen Saturday, one thing is for sure, it won’t be boring.

See you soon, xoxo, Elias S. G. Schmidt and Josefine J. Huusom <3

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