BREAKING: DPRK and South Korea meeting ends in nuclear bomb threat

DPRK and South Korea meeting ends in nuclear bomb threat, Donald Trump is hesitant

It is unknown what went down when the leaders of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and South Korea met yesterday, but one thing is clear: They did not come to an agreement.

By: Josefine Juel Huusom and Anna Roberts


When Kim Jong-Un and Moon Jae-In met yesterday to discuss politics, the intention was to strengthen the international bond between the two rivaling countries. Instead North Korea filed an official menace, threatening to launch their new, high-tech weapon against not only South Korea, but also Australia and Spain.

After the official part of the meeting was over Kim Jong-un said:

Everyone who supports the madness that is this anti-Semitic attempt at creating division will be a target.

This threat of course leaves the Australian and Spanish government outraged. Is this a serious global conflict in the making? Meanwhile South Korea is disappointed that the agreement that they have tried to create throughout many years with the DPRK had to be cancelled because of a disagreement between Australia and DPRK, but South Korea makes it clear that if it comes down to it, they will stand up for Australia.

President Donald Trump is hesitant but backs up North Korea. An official statement from the White House ensures that Trump

Intends to support the potential launching of the new weapon, if necessary.

Kim Jong-Un is reportedly

very protective and proud

of the new unspecified weapon, stating that the planning of the weapon was originally his father, Kim Jong-Il’s deed. Furthermore, DPRK still refuses to call the disappearing North Korean man a refugee and now states that he actually was

an extremely dangerous prisoner from the most secure prison in North Korea.

When asked about his actions the official from DPRK refused to answer the question.

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