BREAKING; World War 3.0

After the bombing of the state of New York, the situation has evolved. 

Multiple countries have been bombed, and this has quickly turned into World War 3.0. A nuclear bomb has been dropped over Afghanistan by ISIS-K. The supplier of the bomb to ISIS-K is still unknown, but a team of members has reached Afghanistan to get a better understanding. 

Everyone is still in shock over this situation. A panel U.N.I.A.N.W has been established, and is currently working on getting the situation under control. 

A discussion has started between some of the countries in the crisis committee. A disagreement about which country should get the most help from the panel has led to tension in the committee. China wants to give the most help to the USA, as they see them as the most needy. On the other side, Russia would rather want to help Afghanistan as they have less supplies, and therefore don’t have the same facilities as the USA. 

The situation in Afghanistan is getting better as the region of Nangarhar is under the government of Afghanistan’s control. Still, there are terrorists hiding in the mountains, but they can’t be found.

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