How to get over a hangover


How to get over a hangover
By: Clara De Masi, Frida Møllegaard & Sara Nørskov

Yes, we have all been there, we wake up in the morning and feel like a dying walrus. When sitting up from the bed the whole room spins and you feel like puking (basically every weekend, but not the point). Here are some good tips on how to get over it;

Lærke Laura Bæk Nielsen ( Conference manager) :

A smoothie with banana and fruit is always a good choice. Also the evening before eating popcorn is absolutely amazing.

Fredrik Stener and Clara Kieler (Delegates) :

It’s always good to eat a lot of bread with butter and salt, and ALWAYS at least 1/2L of water, the evening before. And don’t forget to go to McD after the party.

Anders Rosenkrands (Delegate) :

There are a lot of different ways: fermented cabbage, toilet nap instead of taking a shower, but the most sure way is just to not drink…

Daniel Rantzau, Casper Holten & Mikkel Jepsen (Delegates) :

Don’t drink any juice or dairy products, you’ll end up barfing it out. But if it’s always better to puke than leave (dk: hellere brække sig end at trække sig)

Caroline Finderup, Kyra Ortiz, Eduardo Bifulco & Zack Andersen (Delegates) :

Put your fingers down your throat or get someone to do it for you, that’s a sure winner. Otherwise just live through it, or don’t drink!

Valdemar Kühl (Delegate) :

You can’t get a hangover, if you’re always drunk.

Amalie Thorsen (Dep. Chair) :

I eat a lot of salty and greasy food, it absorbs alcohol faster.

Giovanni Pernazza (Delegate) :

Breakfast, biscuits and sweets, is the way to go.

Gustav Jes Iversen:

I have a ritual for every time i have a hangover, i go for a walk to Cirkle K, because fresh air i good, and so are the Cirkle K smoothies!! On my way back I go by Fakta and buy a cucumber.

I mean that’s also a way to go, but after interviewing all the different participants from around the world, we have our favorite answer had to be to just keep drinking 😉 But here is how we got/get over a hangover: Firstly you can never sleep alone, either you hit up some friends or you find someone at the party. Secondly, we prefer to make pancakes, because sugar. And lastly, christmas music has to be playing loudly.

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