The Bombing of USA!

The Ambassador of the United States, Benjamin Lebeck, just held an emergency call about the crisis that is currently happening. 

The state of New York has been bombed by an unknown perpetrator which puts the whole country in a major crisis. A part of the audience had a negative posture as they shouted “Buuuh” when the Ambassador walked upon the stage. 

The impact of this crisis was also noticeable on the Ambassador as his tie was loose, his shirt wrinkled and his hair rumpled. Benjamin was supported by the delegates of the USA on the stage when the speech was held which shows how this affects the whole country and that they all are in this together. At the emergency call a minute of silence was held for the people who died under the bombing. The United States will put all the power possible into finding the perpetrator and getting justice to this major crisis. This bombing could evolve into a possible war between The United States of America and the country behind this action which means that it is not at all over and the USA will not rest until the perpetrator is found and revenge is gotten.

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