The secretariat 2023

Meet the Exclusive Staff and Secretariat of 2023

Our Executive Staff consists of hardworking students, all engaged in politics and MUN due to personal interests.

The Executive Staff are working tirelessly in order to make this year’s EGMUN better than ever before – hopefully without any major problems or complications.

Every wednesday during the recess, our Executive Staff meet to plan and discuss the upcoming conference. Approximately once a month, the Executive Staff meet and work after school and throughout the evening. This enables us to go into depth with the planning and makes it possible to give you all the best experiences at EGMUN.

Serveral subgroups

The Executive Staff has several subgroups, such as the Agenda-group, the IT-group, the Event-group ect. All these groups specialize in their own particular part of the conference, which makes it possible for us to ensure that every aspect of EGMUN conference is covered and completely thought through.

Almost an entirely student made conference

In addition to this, every student, who is part of The Executive Staff, voluntarily spends a great amount of their spare time working on this great project.

EGMUN is therefore an almost entirely student-made conference, with only the help and guidance from our two excellent and experienced MUN-directors, Thomas Rasmussen and Rolf Mortensen.

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