The Purge 2.0 – Crazy statement from 5th committee

The Purge 2.0 – Crazy statement from 5th committee 

The DPRK threatens to bomb the western countries if the new Purge isn’t approved. 

In the 5th committee the resolution of a new purge had a positive welcome from multiple countries. The DPRK suggested a mix of purge, hunger games and squid game. This was suggested as a solution to overpopulation in the world. Saudi Arabia supports this if the contestants are homosexualpeople as they want them out of their country. The UAE also met the suggestion with big positivity. They however wanted the contestants to be homeless people, people who break the Koran and unfaithful women. The arrangement would be as said a mix of the purge, hunger games and squid game where people are to be killed in games if they fail. The dead bodies will be work capacity for the unemployed.  

The suggestion wasn’t met with the same positivity from the rest of the countries in the committee. Especially the USA and Russia were against. Russia voted against because they are underpopulated and they therefore don’t have enough people to attend.  

The DPRK wasn’t very happy with the negativity from many of the other countries and therefore they threatened to bomb the west in anger.  

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