Agenda and Fora

United Nations General Assembly (GA)

President of the GA
Joachim Levin

Vice President of the GA
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About position papers:

Position papers are not required at EGMUN but they are strongly encouraged.
We suggest every delegate to write position papers in order to get an overview of their countries policies and therefore gain a better understanding of the debate.

Position papers must be submitted to your chairs at latest, monday the 12th.

1st committee

Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)

Main Chair
Roser Perez Parcerisas

Deputy Chair
Nina Løvengreen

The question of nuclear disarmament on a global basis.

GA1 Report 1

Measures to provide diplomatic aid to the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

GA1 Report 2

The issue of chemical weapons still being used for warfare by states within the UN.

GA1 Report 3

2nd committee

Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN)

Main Chair
Evan Mark Corser-Tiernan

Deputy Chair
William Østlig Thøgersen

The question of reducing financial inequality in LEDC’s and other countries that experience problems related to this matter.

GA2 Research Topic One

Measures to prevent and reduce tax evasion.


GA2 Research Topic Two

The question of providing aid to the still worsening economy of Venezuela.


GA2 Research Topic Three

3rd committee

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)

Main Chair
Amanda Wullfeld

Deputy Chair
Andreas Løvengreen

Measures to ensure human rights and improve living conditions for children in low income areas.

GA3 Report 1

Securing rights and improving conditions for refugees.

GA3 Report 2

Taking further action to prevent the trading of illegal goods and services on the dark web.

GA3 Report 3

4th committee

Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL)

Main Chair
Rikke Storgaard Thomsen

Deputy Chair
Mathilde Boye

The question of countering white supremacism around the globe.

GA4 Report 1

The matter of establishing rights for the LGBT community.

GA4 Report 2

The issue regarding the situation in Tibetan.

GA4 Report 3

5th committee

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Main Chair
Anton Brøndum Reeh

Deputy Chair
Emma-maia Tofft

Ensuring clean drinking water to all people.

GA5 Report 1

Ensuring the possibility of education to all children in LEDC’s.

GA5 Report 2

Securing ocean life by seeking to have countries limit their pollution and stop overfishing the seas.

GA5 Report 3

6th committee

United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

President of the ECOSOC
Klara-Josefin Ehrnst

Vice President of the ECOSOC
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Commission on the Status of Women

Main Chair
Rebecca Nicole Bigum Slatcher

Deputy Chair
Amalie Thorsen

Securing equal rights and improving women’s conditions in the economic sector. 

Research report Topic 1

The question of improving safety, justice and equal rights in courts and legal systems. 

Research report topic 2

The question of ensuring access to education for all women and girls in all member nations. 

Research report topic 3


Commission of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Main Chair
Klara-Josefin Ehrnst

Deputy Chair
Kristina Jensen

The question of providing safe and secure education facilities world wide.

CCPCJ Report 1

Measures to prevent the illegal sale of guns and weapons on the black market

CCPCJ Report 2

The question of abolishing capital punishments in all member nations.

CCPCJ Report 3


Commission on Science and Technology for Developpement

Main Chair
Federico Poccioni

Deputy Chair
Anna Mathiasen

The question of establishing an agreement on the creation and regulation of Artificial intelligence.

CSTD Report 1

The question of the use of nuclear energy to sustain growth and development in LEDC’s and other nations interested in the source of power.

CSTD Report 2

Ensuring the protection of personal data on the World Wide Web.

United Nations Special Fora (UNEP, SC, CC & HSC)


United Nations Environmental Programme

Andrea Selvatici

Vice President
Jasmin Kaur

The question of ensuring further development of sustainable energy sources in UN member nations

UNEP Report 1

The question of reducing pollution in coastal regions and the global marine

UNEP Report 2

The question of preserving the Amazon rainforest

UNEP Report 3


Security Council

Filippa Hemmestorp

Vice President
Frederik Lysgaard

Measures to reach peace and stability in Somalia.

SC Report 1

Preventing and combating the spread of terrorism in the middle east.

SC Report 2

The question of establishing peace and stability in Myanmar. 

SC Report 3


Historic Security Council

The Historic Security Council of EGMUN 2017 will be placed in two different years. Delegates must act, debate, and indeed research their countries’ policies as of those years.

President of the HSC
Elizabete Isakssone

Vice President of the HSC
Lorenzo Coscione

1 November 1955, The question of stabilizing the conflict between Vietnam and the United States of America

HSC Report 1

25 june 1950, Ensuring the dispatch of UN forces to Korea

HSC Report 2


Crisis Committee

Mariya Gogenko

Vice president
Justin Weaver


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