AGENDA 2021:

Agendas of the conference

In this section you will find descriptions to this year’s EGMUN agendas. First of and foremost we present the agendas of the two General Assemblies (GA). Afterwards we’ll go through the agendas of ECOSOC and then across the agendas of the Special Forums.


GA1: Disarmament & International Security

  • Measures to end conflict escalation between China and Taiwan
  • The question of territorial claims in the Arctic

GA5: United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

  • Measures to halt the spread of HIV/Aids in LEDC’s through newer developed technology.
  • Ensuring the possibility of education to all children in LEDC’s


CCPCJ: Committee of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

  • Preventing the growth industry of child abduction in Nigeria (caused by the country’s economic crisis).
  • Taking further action in preventing the norm of police brutality.

CSW: Commission on the Status of Women

  • Ensuring the educational opportunities and economic independence of girls by decreasing child marriage 
  • The question of banning hijabs before the age of 18


UNEP: United Nations Environment Program

  • The question of decreasing deforestation in South America. 
  • The question of decreasing plastic pollution by reducing bycatch (overfishing/fishnets)

UNHCR: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

  • Taking further action in helping Afghan refugees
  • Taking further actions to ensure a better international handling of the world’s refugees



CC: Crisis Committee

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