General Assembly Update

General Assembly has failed the Resolution from GA1’s, the resolution of “Establishment of the security and recondition needed in order to protect weapons of mass destruction”. The resolution from GA2’s resolution “Income inequality curbing global prosperity” also failed. The resolution from GA4’s “The questions of the affiliation or independence

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Better than porn, better than Ben&Jerry’s

Once upon a time Christian Hjortshoej, Head of Media, was born in Hillerød. The first thing the doctors noticed was this enormous baby-butt.   He ain’t proud of having this kind of ass, cause it caused the overweight strain to his backbone. But the girls like it for real

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Hey everybody! EGMUN is near it’s end, and it has been wonderful. Last night we partied in 1 degree, to a hawaiian themed party. Could it get any better?? We hope you all found your way home safe yesterday! But we had fun (and from some pictures

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The winner of this year’s #chairspy competition is Helena Blak with this great pic. Today is the last day at EGMUN, and we are feeling very depressed about this being over. We already feel the post-MUN depression sneaking up on us. Nevertheless it has been some great

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and other partygames   Lovely ladies and handsome gentlemens, Tonight’s the night. It’s the final chance for you foreigners to have an makeout-session with the pretty Dane, or for the Danes to score the exotic foreigner. So let’s make tonight even better than thursday! Of course you

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The official party at EGMUN

Are you exited for the official party tonight? We know we are! Tonight we are bringing you a special theme, that includes showing off some skin and your best dance moves, and be ready to, what we Danish call; “Flække Floor!” Tonight it’s going down with a

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Remember when…

The past days Historic Security Council have been busy trying to create a solution for the conflict raging Iran after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, where the Pahlavi-dynasty was overthrown. French Republic was the main submitter of the resolution that passed with seven voting in favour, three

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Gossip Page!

Oh boy – what an awkward, awkward morning it must have been for so many of you slutty little bastards. Did anyone else notice that tense atmosphere this morning? Well, you must have, because what a lot of dirt we have received from last night’s party at

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Dress code at EGMUN “Tips and tricks”

As we all know, there is a dress code at EGMUN, but do you know exactly what that means for you? If not we will try to guide you through the things you should consider wearing and what you definitely should stay far away from.   At

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How to: avoid awkward situations after last night

As you probably already saw on EGMUN snapchat this morning many of you guys acted quite bad last night. And after scoring a lot of points in the famous “kissing games” some of you might want to avoid upcoming encounters. Not that we’re saying that it’ll be

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