Yesterday’s sharp comments

Yesterday, the 19th annual EGMUN officially started. We introduced this year with a line of speeches. It started with the principal of Espergærde Gymnasium & HF, Henrik Boberg Bæch, who made a short welcome speech to all of the staff and delegates. His speech was followed by the former foreign minister Martin Lidegaard who thanked all the participants for the hard work and dedication. Lastly the Secretary General Sophie King declared EGMUN 2021 for open. 

The ambassador speeches “we are not here to make friends” 

All of the ambassadors came to the stage to give short speeches on behalf of their country.  

Some ambassadors stood out from the rest with some sharp comments and controversial beliefs. “We are not here to make friends whatsoever!” Nilas Hardt, ambassador of Italy expressed. much like Frederik Skoustad the ambassador of DPRK who conveyed “We will not bow! We are not here to make any friends.” 

The ambassadors of the United Arab Emirates Frederik Dalsgaard and Felix Kuklinksi also came forward with some controversial statements “Oil is the way forward” and “women should not be before men.” 

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