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How to get over a hangover

How-to-get-over-a-hangover How to get over a hangover By: Clara De Masi, Frida Møllegaard & Sara Nørskov Yes, we have all been there, we wake up in the morning and feel like a dying walrus. When sitting up from the bed the whole room spins and you feel

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KNOW YOUR DELEGATION: A not very in-depth review of all the ambassador speeches. By: Josefine Juel Huusom and Elias Søgaard Godballe Schmidt Even though the EGMUN 2018 had a rough start at the disorganized opening ceremony in Elsinore, some of the ambassador speeches gave a reasonable impression

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EGMUN-GOSSIP-2018 Keep up with this year’s official EGMUN Gossip page to stay informed with the big events of this year’s conference. We’ll make sure to keep you updated with where you want to be, who you want to keep an eye on and what happens within each

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