War in my country

War in my country

The debate continues to build up in the Crisis Committee, and it seems that especially the delegation of China has cast a shadow over the entire committee this afternoon.

Written by Hannah Faurschou & Anna Matzen

This Friday afternoon, the Crisis committee has faced several unsettling and discomforting discussions. This, however, should not be their biggest concern at the moment.

Reliable sources have tipped us here at the Press team, that one particular delegate has a dark and secret background. We are, of course, talking about the delegate representing China in the CC. The delegate may seem as a fair and well-argued persona, but this revelation will definitely change your perspective. The fact of the matter is that the delegation of China has a disturbing history in the music industry as a lead singer in a rock and roll band, with the controversial name “Shadows”. You may already be getting the bad vibes, to use a musical reference, from this dark name, but the horror does not stop here. The band has toured across the country, performing for a live audience and recorded their greatest hit in an official studio. And it may not come as a shock to you, that their all-time greatest hit was called “War in my country”. This news has of course started several suspicions against this delegate, as the name of this song could be interpreted as a warning sign for all other delegations in the Crisis Committee.

We will do our part to make sure you stay informed on this matter, but until then, do not trust anybody and keep away from China. PRESS OUT


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